What determines the right hiking boot to wear?

Hiking boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment for an enjoyable and leisurely hiking trip for they are highly designed to ensure comfort. Fitting hiking boots normally protect the feet and ankle during the hike to ensure a long lasting comfortable journey.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the reasons behind choosing the right boot and the qualities of a good hiking boot.

The following steps will help in determining the right hiking boot to wear;

Step 1

Determine the challenge.

The first step to consider while choosing the boot to wear is the type of challenge ahead. Consider your skill in the activity and your goals and study the terrain, the duration of the hike, and how heavy is your backpack weight.

Also check the weather conditions such as rain or heat as this will contribute a lot to determining the features you are looking for which should be breathe ability and traction.

Step 2

Consider comfort ability

Identify a store that is well reputed to deliver high quality, fashionable boots and choose those that are well fitting but still relevant boots. Consult their staff and get credible advice on professional hiking essentials including good comfortable boots.

Step 3

Have your feet size measured.

Most of hiking boot brands vary in sizes from others and therefore do not choose the wrong size to avoid chances of sliding. Measure your feet properly to get the right accurate fit for ease of movement and eliminate chances of getting blisters caused by too tight shoes.

Step 4

Select a desired hiking boot design.

Not all boots are in the same category. Choose boots that fit your style for your needs and get the best foot support and protection during your hike.

Consult a professional to make sure that you purchase the right boots that go with your design and function.

After a careful consideration on the importance of having the right boots, here are the qualities of the right hiking boots you should be looking for:

Good traction.

Choose boots whose soles will provide enough traction when walking on rocks or rather rough surfaces to avoid slipping and falling.

Support in a hiking boot

To avoid chances of sprained ankles, do consider boots that give a lot of stable support during the hike. The value of support is very crucial in your selection because it will determine the level of your comfort ability on trails and avoid injuries.

Water proof boots

Feet normally becomes smelly and get rot when exposed to water and sweat and for you to stop such from happening it is wise enough to buy water proof boots that will also save you the trouble of washing off mud.


Reliable and quality brands prevent injuries, protect feet and ankles, assist in carrying loads and therefore do not fall for cheap yet poor quality boots that will not serve your needs well.

Always choose boots that are made of quality fabric that not only serves you longer but is able to stand harsh weather conditions during a hike.

In conclusion, to experience a great amount of leisure, hiking is a good way to relax and enjoy outdoors but before starting hiking it is therefore extremely advisable to get the right boots for your challenge. Consultants will advise on weight, breathe ability, fabric, feet support and fabric durability while choosing the right quality boots

There are various stores which have used technology such as, affiliate marketing through the internet and search engines optimization methods that increase their visibility on their websites. Check out this website for more information. However, this said and done, do not rush to buy cheap but poor quality boots or even fall prey to scams. Study the market well and do the purchase that suits your needs and is within your budget.


To my darling husband

— On our 25th wedding anniversary

Right now, I begin to think of our marriage and wonder if it’s fate that has brought us together. Yes, it’s the way it should be. We’re meant to be united by God; we were simply born for each other;we are supposed to be together all our lives.

Indeed, it seemed that God had a plan for us and nothing went wrong. After our first blind date we started our lifelong journey of love and began our life together. We might have loved each other before we met. Or I have been waiting for you all my life, including now. You know too well that distance or separation makes the heart grow fonder. I love you all the more now and I feel the same from you.

Now my bad memory often finds its way to the first sight and site we met. I’m convinced and can confess to you now that your shy and smiling eyes captured me and my heart welcomed you and went out to you. Through my eyes I must have told you that you were the loveliest of all, or rather the more adorable one of the 2 potential spouses I was blessed to choose from then.

Over 2 decades ago on a rainy night, you stayed behind for the night(I stayed overnight at a close friend’s) whereas the other man left in the pouring rain. After some time’s correspondence,he returned from the army before receiving my Dear John letter. It seems to be my life’s dramatic climax(my life is honestly simple except for this episode), but I truly feel sorry for hurting one I don’t love but really with no intent to hurt at all(his parents died young, which also grieved the situation).

After a brief courtship, we got married. Just as you boast so often, you change me and my life blooms because of you. Even now when you look deep into my eyes, I know that is happiness. When you wrap your arms around me, I would stop complaining you or life without you around. I can’t help smiling whenever I see you or think of you. Undoubtedly, life is really too short, in particular, for all couples in love.
For the first 20 years, we had a rather busy life of keeping a job and establishing our nuclear family. Instead of saying that the sky is bluer and life has been a feast, I can say I can never be thankful enough for what I’m given. Yet, happy time flies. We simply blink and we’re growing old together. Though far from enough, we’ve shared a lot of life together, like visiting all the southern beaches. Indeed, there is love lost between us. With love in mind, reality is better than a dream.

I want to mention here that I love the little love game(bear hug) you do with me. You would ask me to sit on your knees and let me fall down all of a sudden so that my hands have to tightly cling to your neck. It never fails to make me laugh heartily every time. And it’s true that I never fail to receive a phonecall from you for each and every day when you’re away.

Though you can see my wrinkles, you often tease me that I have not changed so much since we met and I’m still your girl, old girl. Frankly, life with you now is like putting on a pair of old shoes or jeans that fits perfectly. You’re my cozy home and I’d like to follow you wherever you go. You make my life easier and funner. I really want to share the rest of my life with you, only you, for you are everything and even the world to me and I love you more than beans and rice now.