Choosing Simple, Fast and Efficient Tea Infuser

Are you a daily tea drinker? If yes, then you must be familiar with Tea Infuser. Tea infuser makes brewing of loose-leaf tea a breeze by allowing tea leaves to infuse quickly into the hot water. There are various brands of tea infusers sold on the market. Perhaps, they come in a variety of shapes, materials and design. Tea infusers are made of different materials such as plastic, metal, porcelain, bamboo and even glass. The common brands of tea infusers include Bodum New YoYo Stainless Steel, Tea Spot Steeping Mug, Swissgold TF 200 Tea Ball and Tovolo Tea Go. If you are wondering what it takes to find the best tea infuser, and then below is a small guide on killer tips to finding the best tea infuser.

Fineness of the mesh

Perhaps, you will want to have sediment-free tea. The right tea infuser that you will need to pick therefore should have the finest mesh. Large meshes allow large sediment to seep into your tea. The finer the mesh of your tea infuser, the sweeter and high quality your tea will be.


Most people prefer tea infusers with roomy baskets. Do you know why? The roomy basket allows for more space for your tea to expand in the process of your tea steeping. This is why cylindrical, pyramidal and basket-like shapes are desirable for better tea quality.

Material used

The material used to make tea infuser greatly influences its quality. Tea infusers are made of different materials, and the common ones include plastic, stainless steel, gold-plated and bamboo and much more. Plastic tea infusers may work best if they are made of high-quality plastics. Some plastic tea infusers do compromise the flavor of your tea. This is why most people do prefer tea infusers made of stainless steel or gold.

Ease of use and Cleaning

Ideally, you will want to use the minimal time possible to have your stuff cleaned. It is, therefore, imperative to pick user-friendly and easy to clean tea infusers when buying one. Some tea infusers are difficult to fill such as the ball and small spoon varieties.

Water flow

A smooth and free flow of water in and out of the infuser is another factor to consider. The best infusers are those that allow tea leaves freely terpsichore while they brew. The flow is fundamental, and you should not overlook when buying one.


Most people do believe that price goes with quality. In fact, it is true. However, you should never be made to believe that the inexpensive brands are the lowest quality. They are not. You will find some brands that cost less but work perfectly well. Knowing the essential factors in a tea infuser is essential than just using price.


You will want a good buy, right? However, without considering the good factors, the chances are high that you may fall into a crap. The above tea infuser review will guide you get the perfect pick for your needs.